Choosing KYP is the beginning to achieve environmental sustainability



Kuan Yuan Paper, a professional paperboard manufacturer, was established in 1964. Up to now, we have developed several main products such as coated duplex boards, chip boards, uncoated duplex boards, and kraft boards. We have insisted on producing high quality paper products, offering customers fast services and helping customers solve problems.

In the past decades, we have devoted ourselves to reducing the impact of manufacturing process and products on the environment. As a result, we have won numerous environmental protection related awards. Among these awards, we had ever won Taiwan Enterprise Environmental Protection Awards 5 times and also won the awards 3 times in a row. Through continuous organization restructuring and technology introduction, we even made a lot of efforts to setting up circulation production system in order to transforming the production wastes into the energy and construction materials. We have been successfully turning a polluted manufacturing environment into an environmentally friendly campus, which completely change people’s traditional impression on paper industry.

We have 3 paper mills currently. The headquarter is located in the Zhunan Mill producing chip boards; Taichung Mill I mainly produces coated duplex boards; and Taichung Mill II is doing sheeting, packaging, and inventory, which serves as the logistic center for Kuan Yuan to provide fast services to the domestic and foreign customers.

Meanwhile, we have also involved in real estate development. With 10-year developing process, we had successfully built Kuan Yuan Science Park since 1998. With experience accumulated in paper industry, we set up a running water plant and sewage water treatment plant in the Park in order to help the companies solve the water problem. Currently, it is the only Industrial Park in Taiwan that provides running water supply on its own.



Our mission is manufacturing high quality paperboards and related products.
With continuous improvement we have to deliver better service and help customers making better products.
In the meanwhile, make profits and share them with employees, shareholders and the society.


With faith, wisdom and spirit of relentless efforts, we create profits, strive to protect the environment,
treasure the resources, and set up a beautiful and safe working place.
We expect Kuan Yuan Paper can always be a respectful, glorious, and valuable enterprise in the society.


We have to develop Kuan Yuan Paper to be an environmentally friendly manufacturer with high quality products.
Also, we are looking forward to becoming the leading brand in the market.
With re-organization, we will transforming ourselves into a better one with time.

Ablout KYP

For more than 30 years, Kuan Yuan has been working on ways to minimize the impact our company and our products have on the environment. With this attitude, Kuan Yuan had built a state-of-the-art waste water treatment plant with numerous awards and first private landfill in our nation.

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